James 1: 19-27
True vs. False Religion
(Memory Verse: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourself. Do what it says. James 1:22)

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Time To Focus
Early in the morning, you stumble out of bed and into the bathroom. After looking in the mirror, what do you usually do

a. scream!.........b. run for safety..........c. sing to yourself...........d. shower and clean up

Time to Study
Read James 1:19-27
Make a list of things that characterize “True Christianity” and a list of things that characterize “False Religion”

      True Christianity ...............................................False Religion.


Our churches and youth groups are filled with people who practice “false religion.” They run their mouths constantly, looking for the latest gossip or the fastest way to hurt someone. We all know people who “claim” to love Jesus, but are living a lie. How does it make you feel when you are around people practicing “false religion?”

You have also known Christians who are very sincere about their faith. They not only attend church and talk about Jesus, they Live the Difference of having God in their lives. How does that affect you?

True Christianity begins with faith in Jesus and results in serving God. Some people falsely believe that being a Christian is just belief with no action. What does James 1:22-25 say about that belief?

Others falsely believe that you “earn” God’s love and forgiveness through being good. NOT!!!

True Christianity goes like this:

    1. You realize that you are a sinner and need God.
    2. You receive Jesus as your Lord and savior through FAITH.
    (This is what saves you. Once God has saved you, he will never let you go.)
    3. After you receive Jesus, serve Him with a non-polluted heart and good deeds.

Dawson McAllister, noted youth speaker and evangelist, puts it this way:
“No Jesus, No Change. Know Jesus, Know change.”

In other words, receiving Jesus is a package deal. When you receive Jesus, you receive eternal life with Jesus AND you receive a blueprint for a sincere Christian life. Jesus doesn’t just become your “savior” He becomes your “Lord.”

Time to Do
After reading James 1: 19-27, what do you feel that you need to do?
a. Make Jesus your Lord and Savior: You need to be saved!
b. Stop playing games with false religion and “Live the Difference”
c. Stop using your mouth to gossip and hurt others
d. Other: ______________________________________________