James 5:1-12
We shall Overcome
(Memory Verse: Don’t grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged... James 5:9)

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Time To Focus
Make a list of conflicts between groups that you can think of in society and in the church.

    ex. rich vs. poor.



Time to Study
James wrote to a “class conflict” that was occurring in the church. The church had rich members and poor members. They apparently were not getting along well. In the space below, write the advice that James gave to each group.

Rich (ch. 5: 1-6)

Poor (ch. 5: 7-11)

Think of the conflicts that you listed above, especially the ones that relate directly to us today. Based on the advice James gave to the rich and poor, what would James have said about the problems you listed?

Time to Do
Summarize the main points of James 5:1-11 in a sentence or two.

Now, choose something you wrote above, and do it.



Extra Devotional -- For free! Read James 5:12.
What is wrong with swearing (a swear is the same thing as a strong promise)?

How should you let someone know that you can be trusted.